Lightfield Image Tools
aka Leia Image Format or H4V images

BETA Test November 28th, 2023 Download Available Now. CLICK HERE.

You can download the license (PDF) and the BETA July 2020 instruction guide with Oct 2022 update (PDF), or read the instructions online. There is a YouTube Video.

This BETA is a command line utility for MacOS only, the easy to use, MacOS Finder right click menu is coming later in 2020, and support for Microsoft Windows coming in 2021.

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New November 2023 release: fixes re-license error. Now notarized for easier install.
November 2020 release: now has 'info' verb to list information about image files.
July 2020 release: now reads/extracts 'new' Lightfield images (aka Leia Image Format or H4V images) with depth maps, iPhone images and MPO files.

Convert Lightfield images (aka Leia Image Format or H4V images) created by your RED Hydrogen One to sharable images, right on your MacOS desktop:
  • Full 4K left JPEG
  • Full 4K Right JPEG stored as XMP meta data
  • EXIF Artist and Copyright
  • GPS Location
  • Watermark (text or image)
  • Displays as 'holographic' on RED Hydrogen One
  • Displays as normal 2D photo on iPhone, Mac or PC

Additional Functions:
  • Extract depth maps from Lightfield images (aka Leia Image Format or H4V images).
  • Resize H4V 'right' image to 4K
  • Create H4VPRO from H4V (Left+meta)
  • Creates Experimental Quad4V from H4V

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